NCT: Park Joo Hyun denied being Taeyong’s girlfriend, they are gamer friends

After being spotted at the NCT concert, users suspect that actress Park Joo Hyun is in a relationship with Taeyong. So the actress’s agency hastened to issue a statement about it.

Taeyong from NCT could be coming out with the Park Joo-hyun. Some netizens are suspicious after learning that the actress went to the idol’s concert and she met him after the event.

Is NCT’s Taeyong in a relationship? // Source: Twitter @NCTsmtown_127

In the past few days, many rumors of idols in relationships have been circulating. Now, who has drawn attention is Taeyong from NCT, who could be in a relationship with the actress Park Joo-hyunWhat did your agency say?

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Park Joo Hyun’s agency denied that she is dating NCT’s Taeyong

Many Korean portals started spreading the rumor that NCT’s Taeyong is dating the actress. Park Joo-hyunso 935 Entertainment released a statement about it.

In its message, the agency assures that Park Joo-hyun it’s just good friend of NCT’s Taeyong. On top of that, they also mentioned that the actress has gone to other celebrity concerts like IU’s.

With this message, Park Joo Hyun seeks to ensure that there is only a friendship between her and the idol Taeyong, who is the leader of NCT. The concert that the actress attended was during the month of October in South Korea.

Actress Park Joo Hyun with Taeyong after an NCT concert. // Font; Twitter @nct127fess

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NCT’s Taeyong and actress Park Joo Hyun often play League of Legends

On the other hand, the agency also confirmed that NCT’s Taeyong and actress Park Joo Hyun share a taste for video games, so they have a friendship where they only play together online. Ensuring that actress Park Joo Hyun is very sociable and has many friends among celebrities.

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