NCT Dream Takes Over TikTok With Hilarious Videos For Beatbox

One of the NCT subunits that has attracted the most attention recently is NCT Dream, since its comeback with Beatbox, the group has remained very active, especially on TikTok, where the youngest of NCT began to publish content.

NCT Dream He recently made a comeback with Glitter Mode, which garnered huge popularity, making the sub unit enter the Billboard charts for the first time. With the announcement of his new come back with a repackage album beat boxthe group has remained very active in social networks, especially in TikTok.

NCT Dream takes over TikTok. // Source: Twitter @NCTsmtown_DREAM

For NCT fans, one of the subunits they are most fond of is NCT Dreamsince they have practically seen them grow from small to become the adult and manly idols that they are now.

Although most of them have matured quite a bit and have shown a more adult side in each of their comebacks, their fans can’t help but feel tenderness and each of their new posts and projects. So they are very excited about their new Beatbox album, curious about what the sub-unit will present.

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NCT Dream shares several videos on TikTok to talk about Beatbox, their new repackage album

Through a video from his TikTok account, Mark’s voice narrated the day-to-day preparations for Beatbox’s comeback. Amidst a colorful room shot by Jaemin, he described the role of each of the NCT Dream members as they prepare for their new Beatbox repackage album.

  • TikTok from NCT official account. // Source: Tiktok @official_nct

Similarly, they shared another TikTok in which they present the characteristics of each of the members. With the trend ‘every group of friends has at least one…’ they introduced the members who spend all their time singing, who are specialists in rap or dance and who look like babies but are the bosses of the place.

  • TikTok from NCT official account. // Source: Tiktok @official_nct

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When does NCT Dream’s Beatbox premiere?

beat box of NCT Dream is scheduled for the May 30, will be a new repackage album with a new single, which will be released simultaneously with the album. Are you ready for his return?

So far, only the launch date and the activity schedule have been revealed. For that reason, NCTzen can’t wait to see the boys’ first photo and video teasers.

In other news, Jisoo released a couple of spoilers for BLACKPINK’s comeback, did you hear?

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