NCT 2021 presents enigmatic video for Universe, their new album

NCT 2021 has prepared an impressive comeback with the album Universe and they show it with the video YearDream: Stage 0 – The 7th Sense (The first encounter of a Dream), what are NCTzen’s theories and the probable meaning of the enigmatic teaser?

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The boys of NCT 2021 are more than ready for your group comeback with the third full album Universe, which will have a futuristic concept, following the aesthetics and characteristic style of the interpreters of RESONANCE.

As part of their comeback previews, they have released a new video with a particular story that NCTzen analyzed from beginning to end and has its own theories, what is the meaning of YearDream: Stage 0 – The 7th Sense (The first encounter of a Dream)?

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NCT 2021 raises theories with new clip for Universe, their year-end comeback

The 1 minute and 20 second clip shows Taeyong from a room supervising what they do Sungchan and Shotaro, (NCT’s two newest members) seems to be in control of time with the leader of the band.

The Mysterious Story of YearDream: Stage 0 – The 7th Sense (The first encounter of a Dream) aroused the curiosity of the fans, as they interpreted it as clues to the history and theories surrounding NCT and the groups of SM Entertainment.

For some followers, the new video prior to premiere from Universe explains Taeyong’s power to add idols to NCT’s lineup or would it be the representation of a dream, while others didn’t rush in and will be waiting for other teasers to connect all the dots for this comeback.

What is NCT’s 2021 comeback relationship with Universe and the song The 7th Sense?

Another issue that powerfully caught the attention of fans is that the song The 7th Sense was present almost at the end of the video, this is a very important issue for the group since it is the debut single of NCT U, what does it mean?

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Apparently, we will have the answers to several questions about YearDream: Stage 0 – The 7th Sense (The first encounter of a Dream) this coming December 14, date scheduled for comeback of the grouping.

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