Nazarena Vélez recalled her bad experience with Fabián Gianola: "He was too affectionate"

Fabian Gianola is away from the media since several female figures in the entertainment world denounced him for sexual abuse and harassment. The accusations are being dealt with in Justice, and recently those affected they appeared in the courts of Talcahuano street to ask for important changes and that the matter not remain “in nothing”.

In the last hours, Nazarene Velez was another of the women who revealed the awkward situations you tolerated when you worked with him. In the broadcast of “THE M”, the model mentioned which people she would never work with again, and Gianola was one of those.

“Four years ago Alexander Arellano He calls me and tells me: ‘We are going to do a play and Gianola will be there,'” iNazarena indicated, and then added: “I told him: If Gianola is here, I’m not here, I don’t work.”

Nazarena Vélez assured that Fabián Gianola was “too affectionate”.

On whether the actor had an indecent attitude with her, Both Nazarena Vélez and María Fernanda Callejón indicated that they were not. “I worked with him for years, and regardless of what I know happened, I didn’t have that problem. But hey, these types of patterns can subdue other types of personalities,” The Alley exclaimed.

To everyone’s surprise, at that moment the mother of barbie velez land asked a strong question: “Listen to me Fernanda, tell me the truth. doWas he never too affectionate with you? He was too affectionate.”

Yes, obviously, touch those things. He had a personality that many have, at that time I met several cancheros and bananas. It’s difficult again. It’s tremendous because I listen to everyone and say: ‘How strange that I worked for so many years and that it hasn’t happened to me’. Yesterday I said the same, when a woman speaks point, for me there are no more questions, ” Fernando concluded.

See what Nazarena Vélez said about her difficult experience with Fabián Gianola

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