Nazan Eckes on separation plagiarism: "The resemblance is very astounding"

Nazan Eckes on separation plagiarism
“The resemblance is quite amazing”

Nazan Eckes

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Nazan Eckes found personal words for her marriage on Instagram. Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina Woitschack also seemed to like them, who chose suspiciously similar lines in their own separation statement. At GALA, Nazan refers to the plagiarism and also reveals something about her own relationship.

Nazan Eckes, 46, and Julian Khol, 42, have been going their separate ways for a long time – but the marriage only became known in October of this year. Nazan’s sister Belgin Üngör, 46, her manager, confirmed the couple’s separation to “Bild”. Shortly thereafter, the moderator also made a statement to her fans on Instagram. And that suddenly caused a stir days later, because the hit stars Stefan Mross, 46, and Anna-Carina Woitschack, 30, also issued a statement after their separation in November that was suspiciously similar to that of Nazan Eckes – even the same mistakes were made . Coincidence? Or badly copied?

Nazan Eckes speaks at GALA about separation plagiarism

With hostess Annika Lau, 43, Nazan Eckes speaks at GALA for the first time about the alleged separation plagiarism. Friends would have passed it on to her. “The resemblance between the two texts is really amazing,” summarizes Nazan. She initially assumed it was “just a sentence that’s a bit similar.” But the moderator takes the situation with humor. “Apparently I inspired them both,” she laughs. But not only the separation of hits is discussed, the focus of the show is also on their own relationship.

Viewers can find out how long Nazan Eckes sat on her own separation statement, why she shared it with the public and how she is doing today on November 19 from 5:45 p.m. and on RTL +.

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