Nayeon is Bae’s amulet from NMIXX, she carries it on her cell phone

Did you know about the trend that TWICE’s Nayeon inspired? The photos of the interpreter of POP! they are the most popular charm among K-Pop fans, but also among Korean celebrities and Bae confessed that she has already joined this method to attract fortune.

We recently witnessed the debut of Nayeon as a solo artist, being the first member of TWICE to release an album individually. This girl had promotions visiting musical shows and other programs, it was in one of them where she made it known that her photos are all a amulet.

The staff that works with this K-Pop idol was the one who revealed the secret and from that moment we saw many fans showing on social networks that their new lockscreen on their phone screen was Nayeonbecause everyone wanted to attract fortune and money.

However, some MCs, singers and more celebrities also joined this trend, one of them was baehis companion JYPEntertainment He told everything in front of the camera.

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NMIXX’s Bae wears TWICE’s Nayeon as a talisman on her wallpaper

Recently, Bae from NMIXX He made a V Live where he greeted his fans, sang for them and answered some questions and comments, but during this live broadcast the NMIXX idol also revealed what is the photo he wears as wallpaper on your cell phone.

It was so that the fans knew that the idol carries an image of Nayeon as a lockscreen, but it also turned out to be a selfie unreleased, as the TWICE vocalist took it specifically for Bae.

NMIXX’s Bae reveals her Nayeon wallpaper. | Source: Twitter @NiziUmemes

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TWICE: Why are Nayeon’s selfies said to attract money?

During the promotions of POP!, Nayeon was part of The Manager and in that episode we saw the staff tell the idol that she needed another charm while asking her to take a selfie with her phone.

The staff that works with TWICE said that when someone takes a selfie of the idol as a wallpaper, they receive money, so they consider these photos as a lucky charm or talsiman. Will be?

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