Nawell Madani rounded belly on Instagram, her darling Djebril Zonga speaks: "You’re talking nonsense about me"

This Tuesday, July 19, 2022, more than 3 million viewers watched the M6 ​​channel to follow the tenth edition of “Marrakech du Rire”. For the anniversary of his famous comedy festival, Jamel Debbouze saw things big and offered the public a show worthy of the name with a slew of renowned comedians such as Camille Lellouche, Kev Adams, Elie Semoun, Ahmed Sylla, Waly Dia, Caroline Vignaux or Nawell Madani.

Highly anticipated since she had not been back on stage for several months, the famous Belgian comedian angled a large part of her sketch on her life as a couple and on her daily life with her long-time darling who captivated viewers, the actor Djebril Zonga. The pretty brunette then explained that she found herself in an evening organized on the sidelines of the Oscars, during which Rihanna tried to flirt with her man. To mark her territory, she would then have launched: “I’m not Chris Brown, eh, a potato and you don’t sing anymore”. A little joke that was not unanimous with viewers because domestic violence should not be a subject on which we laugh according to them.

Nawell Madani supported by her darling Djebril Zonga
A few hours after the broadcast, Djebril Zonga, who we could see in the film “Les Miserables”, spoke on Instagram and defended his daughter’s mother while declaring his love for her. “Bravo Nawell Madani. It doesn’t matter if you talk nonsense about me me3lich… You gave me the most beautiful gift. Know one thing YOU ARE THE CHEF, YOUR PLACE IS ON STAGE” he wrote in legend of a very nice photo where the Belgian comedian appears with a rounded belly, the snapshot dating from the time when she was pregnant with their only daughter.

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