Navika Kumar took Owaisi’s name, then AIMIM leader said, Anchor – should I ask the question first?

All the political parties have started their preparations for the UP elections. In the TV debate, Navika Kumar starts referring to Owaisi’s statement, but the AIMIM leader starts interrupting again and again.

Political parties have started preparations for the elections in Uttar Pradesh. AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi has also reached Uttar Pradesh in this sequence. Here he mentioned the poor condition of Muslim voters. When the anchor started mentioning his speech in the live TV debate, AIMIM Waris Pathan started interrupting him again and again. ‘Times Now Navbharat’ anchor Navika Kumar gets very angry with this and says, ‘First I should ask the question?

Navika Kumar says, ‘You were talking so many things about development. Now tell me, where did development get lost in the words of Owaisi sahib? When you say Bharat Mata Ki Jai, you remember Vikas and Petrol. Why does this happen?’ In response to this, Waris Pathan says, ‘Owaisi sahib started his journey from 7th. He talks about his share. They feel that if someone can become CM with 11 per cent, then why can’t we?’

Pathan further says, ‘He talked about education. In UP, even 2% of the Muslim community is not educated. If you really want to develop, you should have done it. These people forget everything as soon as they come to the chair of power. Be it Yogi or any other leader, nobody has done anything, only spoiled the state. Navika Kumar interrupts them and says, ‘The same is happening on social media and you are accusing people of doing politics of religion’.

‘Telling the public’s school your own’ Waris Pathan says in response, ‘Go to Telangana and see Owaisi sahib has five hospitals. Children of Hindus also study here. That’s why you can’t tell us people that we only do politics of religion. Whenever Owaisi sahib wins, he listens to all the problems of the people. BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma says, ‘Owaisi sahib may do anything in his personal life, but what is he doing for the country? These people are telling the school run by public money as their school.

Nupur says, “Our government has released maximum funds for minorities. These people are saying that we have developed. The government is also working continuously to bring madrasas in the mainstream. Jai Shri Ram was spoken by Mayawati, no one is being spoken by us. Talk about statistics.

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