NATO: “Russian fighter jets have approached our ships in the Baltic Sea. There was a risk of an accident. We will react to interference”

Two Russian fighters last November 17, they touched the ships of the Born they were leading routine operations in the Baltic Sea. The two fighter planes were at an altitude of 91 meters and at a distance of 73 meters from Alliance vessels. In a statement, NATO defined theirs “unsafe” maneuver and “unprofessional” since it was conducted “in an area of ​​known danger, which was activated for thedefense training aerial”.

Criticisms also for the too close proximity of the two fighters which “increased the risk of incorrect calculations, mistakes and accidents”, writes the Alliance in a statement. “The Russian pilots failed to respond to the communications of permanent interrogation of the Allied Forces”, underlines the note.

“NATO forces – continues the statement – ​​have acted in this way responsiblefulfilling their missionin full compliance with the aviation regulations and international seafarers”. Hence the Alliance’s warning: “We will respond appropriately to any interference with legal activity in the area endangering the safety of our aircraft, ships or their crews”. NATO, concludes the note – don’t look for comparison and poses no threat.”

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