National holiday: Minister Verlinden “disappointed” by the letter delivered by the riders of the federal police

This went against the agreement, the minister’s spokesman said on Thursday.

The members of the cavalry complain of a lack of expenses following the move of their barracks from Etterbeek to Rebecq. Discussions have taken place in recent weeks to find solutions. An agreement had been reached not to deliver a letter to the minister during the National Day parade. This agreement has not been respected, spokeswoman Marie Verbeke lamented in a press release.

The Régie des Bâtiments has purchased a new stable and training complex for federal police riders and their mounts in Wisbecq (Flemish Brabant). Riders, guardians and horses will benefit from more modern accommodation. According to the spokesperson, the ACV and ACOD unions have issued two positive opinions on the political measures in favor of the staff. The Cavaliers, however, filed strike notice this week.

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