National blood center: “Shortages in different regions with Omicron wave. Risk of postponement for elective surgery “

Blood deficiencies in several regions they are registering these days and the cause is due to the new wave of infections from Omicron. And it is “probable”, according to the National blood center which raised the alarm, a “worsening” in the short term that would come to cause the “postponement of interventions in elective surgery “in various hospitals in Italy for “Preserve the stocks of blood components”. They are at the moment 1.240 the required blood bags and at least 5 Regions are in great difficulty, having already had to resort to compensation system interregional. It is about Tuscany, Lombardy, Veneto, Abruzzo and Lazio. But signs of worry they also come from the rest of the territory, explains the National Blood Center. Hence the appeal to to donate to “guarantee the continuity” from the “Health activities”.

“The situation is constantly on the way monitoring by the National Blood Center, the Src and Civis, the Coordination of the main associations of blood donors in Italy (Avis, Red Cross, Fidas and Fratres) and the appeal is, for anyone in good health, to contact the your nearest collection center to book a donation “. It is not unusual – recalls the CNS – that in the first months of the year, coinciding with the peak of the spread of the flu, there are shortages of blood. But in these first weeks the situation is aggravated even more by the new pandemic wave which forces donors and in some cases even the staff to the collection to be subject to periods of forty, or for contracting the virus or for having had gods contacts with positive people.

Already in recent months, as he had told, the Avis had found itself in difficulty, having to cancel the collection sessions or keep them in the garage emotechedue to another problem, the lack of doctors and nurses to organize the withdrawals. “We are fighting against one crisis induced by the great demand for healthcare personnel triggered by Covid – explained the national president Gianpietro Briola – There is a ‘hunt’ for doctors and nurses, between vaccination hubs and teams Dry. And we can’t compete from one point of view salary, although obviously falling within the tables ofOrder of doctors. Legitimately, the staff choose to work where they earn the most, but our hands are tied “.

“The new pandemic wave is experiencing its peak these days and we must be on guard – says the director of the Cns, Vincenzo De Angelis – We remember, however, that, since primo lockdown, a series of procedures are in place which aim to guarantee the safety of all the actors involved, first of all blood donors, but also the medical and nursing staff who work in transfusion services and in the associative collection units. Donating blood is safe and these days it is more useful than ever ”. “The need for blood components never ceases – he remembers Briola, who is also the pro-tempore coordinator of Civis – and for this reason we invite our donors to make their gesture with solicitude and anyone who has not yet made it to become a blood or plasma donor. Acting, as we are already organized, through the planning and booking of the donation means guaranteeing the continuity of health activities and allowing limited access to collection unit for everyone’s safety “.

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