Nathalie (Secret Story 8): makes a sordid link between her daring photos and rape… these words that are controversial on the web

Thanks to her participation in Secret Story 8 in 2014, Nathalie Andreani became known throughout France. Remember, the pretty brunette had joined the adventure at the time with the secret “My companion is half my age” and her darling was none other than Vivian Grimini. Upon leaving the House of Secrets, the beautiful brunette from Corsica did a few other reality shows before starting to get rich through product placements.

Today, the mother-of-one no longer promotes products for money, but sells her charms on the Mym and Only Fans platforms. An activity that pays her big since she now earns around €150,000 per month.

A few hours ago, Nathalie Andreani gave an interview to Jeremstar. The opportunity for her to confide in the strange requests requested by her “subscribers” who pay to receive daring photos, sensual videos or intimate objects: “Me it’s thongs, thongs worn, thongs introduced… and I have a lot of foot licking for 1000€” she launched before adding that she is now a millionaire thanks to this activity. “It happened to me to ask myself the question and to say to myself was there any morality in what I was doing? I’m hurting no one, I’m only doing good” she then said.

Nathalie Andreani shocks by evoking the rape
“The job we do also allows individuals not to go any further. I am thinking in particular of rape. There are people who have impulses, and thanks to our photos and our videos they will calm down quietly at home” she assured. Lunar words that shocked Internet users who reacted strongly to this interview on social networks.

“It could have ended very well, everyone has their own life after all, but it wanted to clear their conscience by talking about the rape. No Nathalie, you’re not helping anyone, just shut your mouth”, “Nathalie’s words when she talks of rape are serious”, “Auntie Nathalie has found a solution to eradicate rape… Incredible lol porn”, “Nathalie I like her but she only talks shit about rape”, “Thanks to Nathalie who thanks to her photos and videos lowers the rate of rape in France. We should have thought of it sooner”, “Nathalie does nothing either. With the amount of pornography we have access to, if what she says was true, it there would be no rape and yet there is” can we read on Twitter.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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