Nathalie Marquay: this priceless gift from Nikos Aliagas, after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

He meant a lot to him, as to the majority of French people. Indeed, few people would dare to say that they did not appreciate Jean-Pierre Pernaut, as his smile at lunchtime put viewers at ease, his reports revealed the wonders of our territory, and his frank -to speak could impress. Nikos Aliagas was one of the people who admired the ex-presenter of the JT of 13 hours of TF1 and Nathalie Marquay had proof of this, a few days after the death of her companion.

It has already been more than three months since he left us and plunged his family into deep sadness which, of course, they are still struggling to overcome. “I cry outside. I have ups and downs. It’s very bad to mourn the dead too much. It’s complicated”confided Nathalie Marquay in the columns of Parisian this Wednesday, June 22. The former Miss France admits that “it is complicated” to live without the man of her life.

A photo that makes him feel good

And maybe without Lou and Tom, the widow of Jean-Pierre Pernaut would never have held out. She recognizes it herself and explains that she cannot “to do them a bad blow”. “I fought so hard to have them”, she says as if to explain that she has no right to abandon them. Especially since, in a few years, she could know a new life thanks to them.

“I’m 55, I’d be around the age… But they’re still young. It’s something that would make me really happy. A little Lou, a little Tom, I love it!”, she rejoices at the idea of ​​​​being a grandmother. In addition to the support of her children, she was also able to count on that of the relatives, and colleagues of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. Like Nikos Aliagas who gave him a wonderful gift, just after the death of the former presenter of TF1. “At home, there is a large photo of him, sublime, in black and white. It is the photo taken by Nikos, which he gave to me”reveals Nathalie Marquay, very moved by this gesture which means a lot to her.

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