Nathalia Dill reflects on her career in Brazil: "Being an artist in Brazil is almost crazy"

Natalia Dill, 36 years old, reflected on his career in Brazil, and mentioned the changes and instabilities in the artistic environment. Dill, who stars in the romantic comedy, Incompatiblesays that the premiere of the long has been postponed due to the pandemic.

“From the time I started to here, there are a lot of changes: what is standard, what is no longer standard, what is interesting, the type of character, the lines, what stands up and what doesn’t stand up in the text , the selection of actors to be a more democratic cast”, he told Who.

“All this happens gradually, but it helps to make the medium more plural. Brazilian cinema has allowed itself to explore more genres”. Nathalia says that her family has always encouraged the consumption of arts. “My parents always encouraged us to take classes and that was amazing. We weren’t open to travel and fashion clothes, but they liked to provide us with different classes and courses. My family was always very supportive.”

Asked about the film’s release in theaters, the actress reveals that the production was recorded in 2017: “We didn’t even imagine the possibility of a pandemic. The internet is practically a protagonist of the story. What I think is cool is that aspects we portray In the film, they still didn’t have a name. For example, the nomenclatures that emerged – such as “cancel culture” and “fake news” – were already present in the film’s story, as well as the hashtags of “gratitude” and “good things are coming” . The film got stronger and stayed current.”

She continued: “The questions we raise are the big human questions. The film is very genuine, it tackles questions of humanity in an honest and up-to-date way. The world of the internet changes very quickly, including platforms – one that is booming at a time, doesn’t necessarily keep pumping now. Everything is very changeable.” Dill also reports that her family has always consumed and supported art. “My family is always very encouraging. When I’m showing a play, they like to go to all the performances, not just the premiere, they go to the movies, watch the soap operas I make. They’re dedicated. And terrified.”

The artist explains that the family is terrified due to instabilities in the artistic environment: “Being an artist in Brazil is almost crazy”. She was also asked about the pandemic bringing her reflections on the way art is consumed in Brazil. “Yes, absolutely. With the debut of Incompatible in movie theaters, we can remember how nice it is to go to the movies. The pandemic has brought the convenience of watching a premiere at home, but going to the movies provides another experience.”

“It’s not just the fact of the big screen, but the opportunity to watch it with other people. It’s an entire cinema receiving a film, seeing proposals, there’s a contagion of laughter. Having people reacting next to you is a different experience. worth going to the cinema”, he concluded.

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