Natanael Cano: “Yahritza and its Essence”, the group that plans to dethrone the “King of lying corridos”

In recent years, the emergence and development of the lying corridos has had in Nathanael Cano to its maximum exponent. The regional Mexican artist has managed to merge the band, the norteño with trap and hip-hop in a very popular subgenre.

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Cano’s innovation would soon be imitated by other young artists, although none have achieved the success necessary to dethrone the “King of the lying corridos”.

However, in a few weeks a group has emerged as a threat to the title and influence of the interpreter of “Diamonds”, “Porte Exhuberante”, among others.

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Through YouTube, a group has gained strength thanks to its song “I’m the only one”, which has more than 12 million views on the platform.

The group, made up of the Yahritza brothers, the youngest of 15 years; Command, 24 years old; and Jairo Martínez, 17 years old.

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The brothers, born in the United States, but of American descent, were already popular on social networks, mainly on TikTok, where they shared covers of famous singers such as Edén Muñoz, Iván Cornejo and Natanael Cano himself.

“When I was 5 years old I knew that I liked to sing, as I grew that passion also grew. Recently, I found some people who also believed in me and now God has put it all together. Thank you very much for all the support. They keep playing”indicated Yahrtiza Martinez.

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So far they have two videos on YouTube, “Esta noche” and “Soy el Único”, which, combined, are close to 15 million, in addition to a cover.

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