Natalia Gurkova ran out of money, working as an insurer

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09 January 2022, 10:02

Natalia Gurkova has finally recovered from the murder of her husband, George Mihalevich. Acquaintances told Weekend that the former model has already stepped on her feet and has even started work to strengthen her financial position. To date, the beauty deals with insurance and pension insurance in the company “Grave”.Gurkova’s colleagues say that she quickly managed to establish herself in the company and even took a special award at this year’s Christmas banquet held in Veliko Tarnovo. The award is given for outstanding achievements and a very large turnover achieved by concluding various types of insurance contracts. The 44-year-old brunette skillfully used her charm, popularity and contacts to gain points and advance in her career.After the murder of George, Natalia went out of the spotlight and decided to start a normal life. She has long since turned her back on the catwalk. Her last secular appearance was from the Miss Bulgaria contest, which took place at the end of November. She was part of the jury in the dedication for the most beautiful Bulgarian woman. Overall, however, her public appearances are rare.It is said that after George’s death the beauty fell into depression and financial crisis. She refused to start work for a long time, but her financial situation has recently deteriorated and this has necessitated urgent measures. Her friends offered to start as an insurance agent and she agreed, and is currently one of the company’s most valued employees.As for her personal life, until recently Natalia was on the wings of a new love, but alas – her happiness did not last long. Mihalevich’s widow had an affair with a wealthy banker, but according to people around her, she has already broken up with him. The split occurred 3 months ago. The relationship between the former Miss and the 50-year-old businessman began in the spring, but did not last a year. Rumor has it that Gurkova’s children did not like him and this prompted her to end it. Whether there is another reason is unknown.The relatives of the long-legged beauty express satisfaction that she managed to get back on her feet, despite the blows that fate inflicted on her. Natalia has repeatedly said that she is grateful for the support of relatives, friends and fans. “It’s hard for me, but I’m doing it!” I am outraged by the gossip! It is suggested that my late husband, George, was a criminal, a fraud, and almost deserved his fate. No, that’s not true! He became a victim of violent crime in South Africa, from which no one is insured, unfortunately! He was just unlucky and got into a shootout! ”The single mother commented.Mikhalevich was shot dead near Johannesburg in 2018. It is a public secret that his business was not entirely legal, although Natalia has always defended it. In the last years of his life he was hit by a financial crisis, which started the problems in his marriage. It is rumored that his wife has had several extramarital affairs, and rumors that she is divorcing have become more frequent. However, Gurkova never admitted that there were problems in their family.Due to her husband’s rich criminal record, Natalia lost sleep and peace of mind. Worried about the lives of her two children, the former Miss finally left South Africa a few years ago and lived with her mother in the capital’s Mladost district. She learned of Mihalevich’s death over the phone from South African police inspectors. For weeks, Gurkova could not shake off the initial shock, drank antidepressants. She has only recently recovered and moved on, mostly because of her children, Georgia and Christian.


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