Natália exposes a plan to form a trisal with Maria and Eliezer, Viih Tube’s current boyfriend, during ‘BBB’

Quoted for “A Fazenda”, Natália Deodato, participant of “BBB 22”, won by Arthur Aguiar, told in an interview with Link Podcast that thought of creating a trisal with Maria and Eliezer, current boyfriend of Viih Tube, pregnant with her first daughter next to the ex-BBB.

🇧🇷My intention was to create a trisal: me, Eli and Maria. On the day I kissed Eli, I said: ‘Maria, give me a kiss🇧🇷 And she gave me a peck. But she it was kinda felt🇧🇷 Why did you think it was hidden?🇧🇷 Then came the bucket thing and I I got very sensitive“, he commented, remembering the expulsion of the singer.

Natália also commented on the relationship with Eliezer within reality. “I have no doubt that it was naughty, but it was a lot of strategy too“, he said. I started hanging out with Eli. That me took some of the votes off the weight of the fourth Lollipop“, analyzed.

Viih Tube vents about pregnancy and criticizes Eliezer

Viih Tube announced her pregnancy early on and has been dealing with comments regarding her pregnancy ever since. messages you have been receiving🇧🇷 The influencer complained about the negative comments she usually finds on gossip profiles and warned that she doesn’t like it when Elizer is criticized or something involving your pregnancy.

🇧🇷People talk too much, the internet is boring. Things are getting to my heart. I haven’t cared about anything in a long time, but now I’m calling. I think it’s because I’m more emotional, sensitive, I’m getting irritated more easily. My hormones are crazy, a mess“, she vented, explaining that she is more sensitive because of the pregnancy.

Finally, she commented on not liking it when Eliezer is mentioned in everything that she scored as negative. “I don’t like when they talk about eli and something that involves pregnancy, it bothers me a lot. No one is seeing reality as it is for the three of us. Pregnant, anything gets me. It feels like I’m forever on PMS. I am even more sensitiveand more than anything, I don’t want this to pass on to my daughter.”

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