Natália Deodato appears on a bus and shows "perrengue chic": "Rich virus still hasn’t caught me"

The ex-BBB Natalia Deodato22 years old, showed followers the “chic perrengue” of the day on social networks, this Monday (05/09), and joked when he appeared on a crowded airport bus.

On Twitter, Natália shared the record in which she appears on a bus: “Rica virus (sic) still hasn’t bitten me, my people”, mocked the young woman. In the video, she also had fun:

“Fancy perrengue, the rich virus hasn’t caught me yet. We’re going through the same perrengue, only now it’s chic,” he said.

In a recent interview, the former BBB said that the flirt became more complicated after her participation in the reality show on TV Globo. After flirting and hooking up Eliezer in the attraction, she explained that she is more selective and that she ends up intimidating men because of her personality.

“I talked to Jessi and she said it’s harder to kiss on the mouth now than before 一 but it’s true! We get very scared, I’m scared of everyone. There are people who used to not even look you in the face… Now everyone is looking, there are people who want to ‘get closer’ to take advantage of the situation, there are many men with inflated ego who are with women just because they are ex-BBB”, he said. she the Who.

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