Nasturtium Anav "on the verge of freaking out" : the future mother cash on her pregnancy!

Sunday July 10, Capucine Anav released exciting news on social networks. Via her Instagram account, the former candidate revealed in 2012 in the 6th season of “Secret Story” was delighted to officially announce that she was expecting a happy event, the fruit of her love with her companion Victor. “After many years, it’s no longer tears of sadness but tears of joy that run down my face… I waited for the best moment, and above all to arrive at a stage where everything is no longer ‘fragile’. In my life I have experienced many beautiful things… I would be ungrateful to say otherwise. But my ultimate dream is to found my family“, she wrote in the preamble of a long message in the caption of a snapshot on which she reveals a pretty nascent baby bump.

Only here, a pregnancy is not every day a cakewalk. And this Sunday, July 24, Capucine Anav could not help but share his murderous mood. Indeed, the young woman converted into comedy lamented being the victim of pregnancy insomnia which makes her “freak a cable”, as she expressed in Instagram story.

This is not the first time that the ex of Alain-Fabien Delon has expressed his moods in this very special period. Lately, she had already emptied her bag by expressing her worries of the moment: “I can’t wait for tomorrow, for this day to be over, because I had a somewhat complicated day. In any case, the positive in all this is that now you are aware. Now I no longer need to hide, to lie about my absence from social networks. I can express myself. You can be a little more understanding (…) Between fatigue, stomach pain today, my grandpa who is in the hospital because of the Covid… Frankly, it has not been a super super simple day ” , she confided bluntly.

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