Naseeruddin Shas Said- India is so much changed that sometimes I cannot recognize it

Naseeruddin Shah said that the Muslim community should enable themselves to be given their place in India. This is difficult to happen if Muslims continue to live in the last century.

Famous actor Naseeruddin Shah is in discussion about his statement on Taliban. There was a lot of reaction on his statement and it became very viral. Now Naseeruddin Shah has said that he would not have needed to say such things a few decades ago because then the society was not so divided on religious lines.

Naseeruddin Shah recently gave an interview to ‘The Wire’ senior editor Arfa Khanum Sherwani in which he said these things. When asked if the situation in India has changed now, he replied, ‘Bale to hai, what is the doubt in that’. He is in front of you. Within 10 years, the situation has changed so much that sometimes the country itself is not recognized. Like Kunal Kamra said, the things that were said after drinking four drinks are now said after a lot of morning.’

Talking on the minority Muslim community of the country, he said, “We have to face the fact that today’s power wants our Muslims to have fear. He wants us to be afraid. And the biggest mistake we will make is if we start getting scared. Fear should be removed from our heart and we should be proud that this is our country, no one can drive us away from here.

Naseeruddin Shah further said that the Muslim community should make themselves capable of being given that place themselves. This is difficult to happen if Muslims continue to live in the last century.

He further said, ‘When the government changed in 2014, I expected that there might be some progress but it did not happen. Now I feel the need to say this because we are being made victims, efforts are being made to keep us apart, against which we have to fight.

Let us tell you, Naseeruddin Shah had commented on Indian Muslims regarding the victory of Taliban over Afghanistan. In fact, some Muslim organizations were supporting the victory of Taliban, on which Naseeruddin Shah released a video saying that it is dangerous for Indian Muslims to celebrate the victory of Taliban.

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