narendra modi: Narendra modi birthday: PM Modi stays fit by taking only 3 hours of sleep, adopting 5 things and always stays away from diseases

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is celebrating his 71st birthday today i.e. on 17th September. People from all over the world are wishing PM Modi to live a long life. PM Modi is not only a better politician and speaker but he is also known for his love for health and fitness. Despite being one of the busiest people in the world, the 71-year-old PM has managed to stay fit and healthy. No matter how busy the schedule is, the PM always focuses on his fitness and never skips the exercise routine.

In this article, we are giving you information about PM Modi’s fitness routine which is an inspiration for crores of people. If you are troubled by obesity, then you can learn fitness lessons from PM’s workouts. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has been second only to yoga guru Baba Ramdev in PM Modi’s GOQii report. Come, know the fitmes mantra of PM.

PM Modi does yoga everyday

We all are well aware that PM Modi starts his day with yoga. Actually, the Prime Minister often keeps posting fitness videos on social media. The physical and mental health benefits of yoga are immense, from increasing flexibility and muscle strength to reducing stress and insomnia. Whether the PM is at his residence or is on some journey, he walks a lot. Even in election rallies, PM Modi walks a lot.

PM Modi taking a sea tour

PM Modi follows Panchtatva

PM Modi believes in Ayurveda. Apart from yoga, the Prime Minister’s fitness regimen includes walking on a track inspired by the Panchatattva or the 5 elements of nature- Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Wind), Akash (Ether). According to Ayurveda and Yoga, these five elements have distinct characteristics and are associated with the overall health of a human being. For example, it is claimed that any disorder in the human body indicates an imbalance of one or more of these elements. They also do yoga not inside any four walls, in a green open environment or say in the lap of nature.

Narendra Modi is also fond of adventures

PM walks on reflexology pavement

PM Modi’s fitness regimen also includes walking on the Bar Reflexology Foot Path. He also shared a video in which he was seen walking barefoot on the reflexology phu path. For information, let us tell you that reflexology is a form of pavement workout, which is designed to massage the acupressure points on the soles of the feet. Reflexology Walking Path is known to offer many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, stimulating reflex points and vital energy.

Follow mustard oil recipe to stay healthy

PM Narendra Modi prefers vegetarian food. The PM had said in an interview, ‘I lived such a difficult life, but never depended on doctors and expensive medicines. If it is cold, I drink hot water. I fast for two days. Apart from this, after heating mustard oil, I put a few drops in my nose at night.

PM takes deep breaths several times a day to stay stress free. By meditating, you get peace of mind and by reading spiritual books, you get positive energy in life. They say that ‘self-motivation and hard work are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.’

PM sleeps only 3 hours


PM Modi once said in an interview with Akshay Kumar, ‘My feet fall on the ground as soon as I open my eyes. It has become a part of my life. My body cycle is such that I do not sleep for more than 3 hours. I wake up at 5 in the morning and start the day with 30-45 minutes of yoga and meditation. After this I have breakfast till 9 in the morning. Narendra Modi, after reaching his residence by 7:30 pm, keeps in touch with his ministers via phone and asks for a complete report.

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