Narbonne: the emblematic Nautic Chant will be razed this Tuesday, the end of a long story

The demolition marks the end of a very long story. The Narbonnais will have known the restaurant, then, decades later, the musical evenings of the Nautic Chant.

At the municipal council on Thursday, November 17, the elected left-wing opposition Nicolas Sainte-Cluque raised the fate of the Nautic Chant, a place operated by the association A Tout Bout de Chant, and the future of the current site. The association had been ordered to leave the Nautical in March 2016, by Robert Déjean president of the Nautical Society of Narbonne (SNN) and former running mate of Didier Mouly during the first term.

The building is ideally located on the edge of the Bages-Sigean pond.

Nicolas Sainte-Cluque highlighted the contribution of Nautic Chant to La Nautique : “the cultural association made the district dynamic and friendly thanks to the selfless investment of its members. The reason given by the former president of the SNN to make it leave this exceptional site was that this building had to be demolished like all those who were in the maritime area so as to make the natural border of the pond. However, for a few days, several people from Narbonne have seen employees of the town hall of Narbonne on this site. A technician who was questioned by a Nauticard, would have answered that he was doing analyzes and that he couldn’t say anything more! So can you tell us what will happen to this building?

Demolition started

In order to answer, Didier Mouly returned to the exceptional history of this place. He recalled the layout of the Nautic Bar by Mr. Espada, who subsequently left Narbonne for Marseille to create an aquarium there. “He transferred the business to a personality from Narbonne who had the nightclub in Roches Grises. The DDTM considered that this transfer was in contradiction with the occupation of the public domain and initiated proceedings against Mr. Espada to cancel the real estate and allow the cessation of a commercial activity in a place not intended for this purpose. Mr. Espada had to return the building to the State, and his tenant sued him for this transfer which was not to take place and to obtain compensation for the operating loss” detailed Didier Mouly, referring to this long trial spread over more than ten years.

The building soon to be demolished.

The building soon to be demolished.

The State owner of the Nautical port concession included this building. And Robert Déjean, president of the La Nautique club, then noted that a formal notice had been sent by the City to the Nautic Chant, because “one cannot rent out a building whose activity is not provided for in the concession specifications, but the choir is not an authorized activity”. Then the State ceded the concession to the City and the building was not retained within the perimeter.

Addressing Nicolas Sainte-Cluque more specifically, the mayor specified: “it was not municipal employees that people saw, but employees of a service provider responsible for carrying out an expertise on lead and asbestos. A public demolition contract will be passed and we will later propose to the municipal council retrocession to the Conservatoire du Littoral”.

It was a long time ago...

It was a long time ago…

This demolition which will take place this Tuesday, November 22 and the return to the lagoon of the site thus put an end to a long history that the old ones will have known with the sunny Sundays in family at La Nautique.

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