Narbonne: major projects for the year 2022 …

What are the major works that will punctuate the daily life of Narbonne this year? The town hall announces no less than 21 million euros of investment for 2022.

Childhood, environment, sport, heritage … the areas of intervention are varied and in 2022, the City wants to continue “its efforts to improve the daily life of Narbonne, thanks to several projects carried out in the months to come”. A brief overview of the work that will start or be delivered this year.

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On the eco-tourist site of Grand Castelou, owned by the Regional Natural Park, enhancement work is already underway. Route de Mandirac, on this former saltworks that has become a winegrower’s domain, it is notably a question of rehabilitating heritage buildings and developing the Maison du Parc naturel régional. The town hall participates in the work with the State, the Region, the Department and the community of agglomeration. It has planned to inject 2.7 million euros in 2022 and delivery is expected in 2023.

At the Maison des services in the Saint-Jean Saint-Pierre district, reception will be taken up entirely from floor to ceiling for an amount of € 300,000, including € 200,000 invested this year.

  • Sports and Friendship Park

At the Sports Park, to improve the quality of reception, the creation of lodges will begin in the second half of the year (reception areas are also planned, the final project consists of creating a space of approximately 1,200 m²). For this site, totaling 4.5 million euros, the municipality will invest 2.5 million in 2022. Also this year, the finalization of the lighting reinforcement is scheduled.

As for the castle of Montplaisir, it is also under construction. After the restoration of the ground floor and more particularly of the wedding hall in 2019, it is the turn of the first floor and the attic: the creation of new floors aims to consolidate and secure the structure of the building steeped in history. The works will last until April and 130,000 euros (out of the 300,000 euros of the total budget) will be disbursed in 2022. Despite these major works, access to the site is secure and the castle remains open to the public.

In 2022, the Mathieu Peyronne school will be enlarged and will have its school canteen.

Things are also moving in schools

As part of the duplication of CP-CE1 classes in priority areas, the Mathieu Peyronne school in the St-Jean St-Pierre district will be enlarged. In addition to the delivery of the new restaurant space, 2022 will see the expansion and rearrangement of the establishment. A courtyard will also be built to shelter the children in rainy weather. All for an amount of 1.2 million euros.

Also in the neighborhood, the reconstruction of the Jardin crèche will be launched this year. € 590,000 will be injected in 2022 (for a total amount of work of 2.5 million).

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In the Avenue Pierre de Coubertin sector, the Léon Blum school canteen will be upgraded (€ 415,000), closing the multi-year plan “A nursery school = a canteen”, launched in 2016. Small pupils will not have no more taking the bus to lunch at a shared food court.

In 2022, more than 3 million euros will be injected into schools in nursery, primary and elementary sections. With in particular € 400,000 for the renovation of buildings, € 335,000 for various maintenance, € 65,000 for the connection of the Charles Perrault nursery school to the urban heating network, € 110,000 for the air conditioning of the Resto sud catering … and the list is not exhaustive.


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