Naples, they serve vodka to a 15-year-old: closed place

Naples, 13 May 2022 – Serves vodka to a 15 year old girl: reported the bartender, the place closed for two weeks. It happened in a nightclub in Largo San Giovanni Maggiore in Pignatelliin the historic center of Naples. The suspension was ordered yesterday by the commissioner, on the proposal of the municipal police, prohibited the activity of administering food and drinks to the public, and the consequent revocation of the license, for 15 days.

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The facts

On the evening of February 26, the local police officers, during the control services set up in the nightlife areas, had reported a bar employee for selling a vodka-based drink to one 15 years old who had not been asked for an identity document, despite the somatic characters highlighting her minor age.

In addition, during the control phases, two more employees had railed against the agents, hindering their business also instigating several customers and passers-by to assume the same conduct. Both had been sued for outrage to public official.

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