Naples, regional councilor acquitted on appeal of accusations of devastation for clashes during a demonstration against landfill

Fourteen years after the events and seven years after the first instance sentence of 8 and a half years, the Campania regional councilor Fdi Marco Nonno was acquitted on appeal of the charges of devastation and to have been the director of the anti-landfill clashes in Pianura, the district of Naples that in the very first days of 2008 was at the center of the scenes of urban warfare, between data buses on fire and assaults on the police. Violence fomented and carried out by pieces of crime and the Camorra who infiltrated the protests of citizens opposed to the reopening of the Contrada Pisani gully, decided (and then revoked in a short time) to counter the chronic waste emergency in Naples. According to the accusatory hypothesis, in the promoters of the clashes there was an interest in keeping the real estate value of the building abuses carried out in the vicinity of the site, which would have depreciated by the constant coming and going of trucks full of garbage.

At the time Nonno was a young city councilor from An and was intercepted on the phone on January 3, 2008 with the then councilor Giorgio Nugnes while they exchanged information on the movements of the police trucks. “They left, they are in Fuorigrotta,” the commissioner told him. And Grandfather passed the news on to those around him. “They’re in Fuorigrotta, guys, they’re in Fuorigrotta”. “They are coming for Viale Kennedy … not for Montagna Spaccata … But be careful, eh … because these are only the first …”. For those phone calls, considered by the DDA to be elements of a criminal strategy, Grandfather and Nugnes were arrested – the first spent two weeks in prison and 13 months under house arrest – and then the commissioner, about ten months later, committed suicide. It was to Nugnes that Nonno dedicated his acquittal of the most serious charges: “A true Pianurese like me, who defended the citizens of this neighborhood from an act that we considered unfair”.

At the time of the sentence, Nonno’s wife let herself go to a liberating cry. There remains an accusation of resistance to a public official for which the Neapolitan politician was sentenced to two years. A circumstance which, according to a literal application of the Severino law regarding the sentences of non-culpable crimes, would put Nonno at risk of suspension from the office of regional councilor. His lawyers, Massimo Fumo and Giovanni Bellerè, herald new legal battles on this point.

“There was a popular protest but we had nothing to do with the degenerations that can occur in certain moments – commented Nonno in an interview with ‘Il Mattino’ – and after 14 years I wonder how it was possible that no exponent of the public administration has been convicted for the tons of waste that devastated Campania ”.

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