Namor and Morbius Crossover Is The Most Insane Thing You’ll See Today

With the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Black Panther 2), fans can finally see Namor’s MCU debut. However, he is the main antagonist of the film.

In addition to introducing Namor, the film reveals who took on the mantle of the Black Panther, which T’Challa previously held.

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An artist, seeing the underwater character’s debut in the MCU, managed to make an unexpected crossover with Morbius, the vampire who had his movie released earlier this year.

Tenoch Huerta and Jared Leto’s characters were mixed up, bringing in Namorbius, a bizarre creation that features Morbius’ face on the ceremonial pieces Namor wears (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

See the art, below.

What’s next for Morbius and Namor at Marvel?

Morbius was released earlier this year after some delays. The feature film is part of Sony’s Spider-Man universe, even co-existing with Venom.

Much has been asked if Morbius might return, with Leto stepping back into the role he played. However, the film was a huge failure, and no sequel has been announced.

Meanwhile, Namor, antagonist of the new Black Panther movie, is Marvel’s first mutant, and perhaps one of the oldest in the MCU.

The character could help the X-Men reboot, which is in slow development at Marvel Studios, and which should come to fruition after Deadpool 3.

For now, it’s unknown when Namor might return, and sure enough, the MCU will be using him in some other projects.

Already Morbius, who can be mentioned in other films like Kraven the Hunter, Venom 3 and El Muerto, will continue without a sequel at the moment.

If a sequel really doesn’t come out, the character could be used in other productions in the universe that Sony is building for Spider-Man’s core.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is in theaters now. Morbius is available at HBO Max🇧🇷

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