Naming law in Sweden: Swedish couple are banned from naming their son Vladimir Putin

In almost all countries of the world, it is a practice to name children after some big personality. But, there is also a country in Europe, where parents have to get approval from the government before naming their children. Yes, we are talking about the European country Sweden. Where the government recently banned a couple from naming their child Vladimir Putin. The government has advised the parents of this child to think of another name.

Ban on the name Vladimir Putin
According to the report, Swedish tax authorities have barred a couple from naming their son Vladimir Putin. The parents submitted a proposal to the tax agency to nominate their son after the Russian President. According to Swedish law, such names can be banned if the child’s name is offensive or if they can cause inconvenience to that person.

Advice to parents to think of a different name
The Swedish tax agency has yet to officially react to its decision to ban the name Vladimir Putin. Sweden’s public broadcaster SR reported that the couple hailed from Lahom in southern Sweden. They have been advised to give some other name for their child.

Allah bans Michael Jackson too
The Swedish government has already banned a number of names including Allah, Ford, Michael Jackson, Pilzner, Q and Token. This means that no parent in this country can name their children from these. In 2007, the tax agency prohibited a parent from naming their baby girl Metallica, but they later changed their decision to allow it.

Know popular baby names in Sweden
The most popular names for new babies in Sweden in 2019 were Lucas, followed by Liam and William. At the same time, the most popular names for girls were Alice, Olivia and Astrid. There parents can Google their children’s names.

Ban on child naming Putin

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