Nam Joo Hyuk is filming Vigilante, his new drama

New photos were revealed where Nam Joo Hyuk is seen dressed up for his new drama: Vigilante. A story where the actor plays a young man who attends the academy to become a police officer. What is known so far about his participation in this drama?

Nam Joo Hyuk was seen on the recording set of Vigilant, the new drama in which he is working and where he will play a young man who wants to become a policeman. A filtered photography it shows him dressed as his character.

Nam Joo Hyuk is filming Vigilante. // Source: Twitter @dae_stars21

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk is currently working on his new drama, despite the accusations in which he was involved months ago, the actor quickly joined the cast of Vigilante, where he will appear as one of the main characters.

So far there is no exact date for the premiere of Vigilantbut it is expected to be released in early 2023. At the moment, the recordings have started and many fans want to see the actor on the screen.

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Nam Joo Hyuk was seen on the set of Vigilante, the new drama where he appears

Twenty Five actor Twenty One Nam Joo Hyuk was spotted on the set of filming for Vigilant, the new drama in which he will appear. Calling attention to the characterization of her character.

In this drama, Nam Joo Hyuk He will play a young police academy student who dreams of becoming part of the police force. For that reason, fans were excited to see him with the police uniform. Can you see her Photo leaked here:

Nam Joo Hyuk on the set of Vigilante. // Source: Twitter @_silentfan_

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Nam Joo Hyuk’s School Bullying Controversy And Investigation Is Still On

A few months ago Nam Joo Hyuk was accused by former classmates, insinuating that the actor was constantly involved in harassing and assaulting other students. Since the accusations, several investigations have begun. In addition to that, the agency assured that it would start legal proceedings against people who create malicious rumors against the actor. Because of this, not many people welcome Nam Joo Hyuk to start working on a drama, as the investigations are not over yet.

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