Naldo detonates Moranguinho’s group and sends fans to his wife’s new rival in ‘A Fazenda’

Naldo Benny has been demonstrating not to be afraid to take a stand on matters of “The Farm”. After asking for the departure of an ally of his wife, Moranguinho, the singer went further and decided cheer for André Marinho during Roça of the week, composed by Bia, André and Ruivinha de Marte. The singer explained the decision and criticized Deolane’s group, the program’s new Farmer.

🇧🇷My woman who is in the game and I believe that she, because she’s inside and doesn’t see what’s going on outside, she goes through the group and stuff, she’ll ask ‘stay Bia’. But if she was out here and seeing what has already been said about her, unfortunately the cowardices that she and André have already committed, the plan to remove them because they are not prioritiesif she knew that, she wouldn’t have that position,” he began.

“I, as a matter of responsibility to see the cool kid *, I ask you who follow me here to vote for André. They can make me vote for Bia, but vote for André. I have nothing against Bia, cool girl, but I think André is unfair“, he added.

Naldo detonates Deolane, Bia and Pétala’s game in A Fazenda

Showing that he is connected to Record’s reality show even though he misses his wife, Naldo gave his point of view on various situations, including the beef between Shayan and Strawberry. This time, the singer criticized the positioning of Moranguinho’s allies, claiming that Deolândia never prioritized the funk artist.

“In the game that I see, Ellen in many choices of left one, from first member to to be chosen, to choose ball, the Ellen was always the last option🇧🇷 I remember it very well because I’ve been watching it since the beginning and Ellen was always the last option. I hope she isn’t now, that she is not disappointedbecause I I think this will happen at some point.“, remembered.

Naldo also told about the agreement between Moranguinho and André, which was not fulfilled by the dancer, about one prioritize the other for always becoming the last option between Deolane, Bia and Pétala. “André had this deal with her like: ‘Hit me, I save you, hit me, I choose you’. I think now the least that I can do for him is ask you to vote for himregardless of group A or B, he had a deal, yes, he was a cool guy”, he said.

🇧🇷Unfortunately I can’t even say that my wife is wrong because she doesn’t know, poor thing, what’s going on. People from the outside who see what they say about her when she is not present, what they have already said, what has already been done and what they have already planned. So far they haven’t succeeded and that’s why my indignation“, he explained.

🇧🇷At no time was André a false friend🇧🇷 I believe that later she will regret it a lot and emotionally, psychologically and unconsciously she bought another noise due to a climate of choice that wasn’t hers. Then that’s it. Strengthen Andre there“, he completed.

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