Naked Tobias Rahim gives the reviewer red cheeks: ‘But the texts don’t work’

Tobias Rahim has once again caught the attention of the Danes.

On Thursday, the successful pop musician made his debut as an author with the poetry collection ‘Dreams paint reality’, and on Friday it immediately shot to the top of’s bestseller list, among other things.

But is it a good collection of poems?

Several of the Danish dailies’ reviewers cannot help but focus on the fact that the book primarily also contains a large number of pictures of Tobias Rahim’s nobler parts.

‘More cock than poetry’ reads the headline in the newspaper edition of, among other things Informationwhere reviewer Tue Andersen Nexø believes that the book’s texts cannot live up to the picture page.

“Most of the ‘poems’ are not poems in any normal sense, but more scribbles left and right. It feels like reading through a notebook that is not intended for publication at all,’ it says, among other things.

The weekend newspaper reviewer Linea Maja Ernst believes that the lyrics sound like his pop hits and that they are hilariously flabby in glimpses, but adds that the naive writing style also becomes corny.

She also questions whether Politiken’s publishers, who publish the book, have edited the texts at all or simply thought that Tobias Rahim’s naked body will sell no matter what and then writes in conclusion:

The cover of Tobias Rahim’s poetry collection.
Photo: Politiken’s publisher

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“I sit and read it with red cheeks and think: Yes, he looks like a god. But the texts, they don’t work. And it’s also kind of the same picture over and over again.’

Neither Weekendavisen nor Information awards stars in their reviews.

In turn, Politiken, Jyllands-Posten and Berlingske do, and their three reviewers agree that Tobias Rahim’s poetry collection is worth four out of six stars. (His latest album averaged five out of six stars)

Politics Pernille Jensen calls the collection of poems a nice ‘coffee table’ book, which in small glimpses is quite funny.

She pays tribute to him for being a pop star ‘who broadcasts on his very own frequency’, but also calls for more variety among the pictures, where she would rather have been ‘behind the scenes’ of his pop star existence than the many nude pictures.

Jyllands-Postens Nicklas Freisleben Lund doesn’t think it’s a real collection of poems either, but calls it a ‘well laid out and glittery piece of pop art’.

“Some will of course talk about a banal collection of poems or a calculated fan book. I would call ‘The Dream’ a piece of pop art,” he writes, among other things.

In the end, it sounds praiseworthy, among other things Berlingske’s reviewer Søren Jacobsen Damm:

“The strength of the work lies primarily in Rahim’s religious thoughts and the interesting study of a new possible being, where there is room for the sensible without the courage, vitality and individuality withering away.”

The reviewer adds that he does not hope that ‘Dreams paint reality’ will be Tobias Rahim’s last collection of poems.

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