Nails decorated in Barbiecore fashion: 25+ photos with easy, romantic and creative versions

The Barbiecore trend is on the rise in the fashion and beauty universe! It is not just in clothes and accessories that pink has gained a prominent place: who loves decorated nails and nail polish must also have noticed how much more the tone is present.

We have gathered below some beauty tips for those who want to join this trend and, in the gallery below, more than 25 photos of decorated nails that could easily be in the beauty of Margot Robbie in the movie “Barbie” (see more about the production here!) .

What color goes with pink on decorated nails?

The choice of nail art can bring doubts about which colors to combine with pink. This answer is much more related to your style and day to day life than a rule. In general, colors analogous to pink, such as red, orange and coral, create a certain harmony.

Now those who love a modern and more relaxed look can invest in complementary colors to the tone, such as green and its different variations. Here, the only rule is your creativity!

Simple nail art: graphic elements make drawing easy

If you want to try this trend at home, but still don’t feel comfortable making more complicated strokes, a good start can be choosing elements for simple decorated nails: asymmetrical lines and more abstract geometric figures.

There is also the possibility of buying self-adhesive nail stickers that are easy to apply. A nail polish or holographic effect with glitter can also make a big difference in the final result. Get inspired by the gallery below and share the article with that friend who also loves beauty news!

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