Naidenovi’s pathetic circuses: Ilian took out records confessing to infidelity and threats, Juliana – medical for beating

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21 November 2021, 13:00

The war of the Naidenov family crosses all borders. This is very reminiscent of the cult film The War of the Rose Family, in which spouses Barbara and Oliver, played by Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas, engage in a fierce battle, including a physical one, over the family home. Ilian and Juliana also seem to be determined on a wide range of means to win. The great goal of each of them is their son David.Spouses attack through social networks and gather allies among their followers or, conversely, lose the trust of many of them. The situation regarding the support of the fans is rapidly changing according to the moves of the former partners. Ilian pulled out more recordings with Juliana, which include a confession of infidelity and threats to his life, as well as the one that he would send their son home to hurt him.And Juliana’s trump cards are not to be underestimated. Last week, the silicone model involved her mother in the battle. The parent identified her son-in-law as a liar, thief, extortionist and testified forensically about her daughter being beaten. begged. Neither the police nor the prosecutor’s office, she said, could help her until the court decided who to entrust the care of the child to. The problem is that the set date for their divorce is only at the end of February – beginning of March, next year.“I hate you, my friends hate you, they all hate you!” Juliana is furious in one of the recordings that Ilian spread on the Internet. The shocking conversation takes place during a walk in the woods. “You hit me with stones now, but otherwise you’re lying and you’re going to complain that I’m touching you,” he explains. Juliana replies: “But the head of the GDCOP will want to fuck me and he likes me, not you, right? … Vasco’s name is. Go check. ” This remark made such an impression that followers of the warring spouses have been using the name of the Vasco in question in their comments for several days now. It is important to clarify that Vasco is not in a leading position in the CDCOC. So it is not very clear who he is. However, Juliana says in the records that she saw him. “I will scatter you. Do you know what connections I have? ” – These are the lighter threats she makes to her husband. They are much more impressive: “I will stab you while you sleep. I prefer to lie to you. If I have to choose – here I will fuck you and bury you. I won’t even flinch, I won’t even feel sorry. ” What infuriated many of her followers was that she frightened Ilian with their son. “The child goes to a correctional facility, garbage dirty! Let’s see what you do. The child is taken. You will not see his eyes. I gave birth to him and I will decide his fate “, shouts Juliana. In her anger, she may have confused the institution with a home for children deprived of parental care, but she did not pay attention to this.A wave of indignation poured into her Instagram account. People wonder how it is possible for a mother to say these words, even if she was provoked, as Juliana later said. “I don’t think you and your family are fit to have this child. I made you a priceless gift. You did not appreciate me and my help, so now you will blow it, “says Juliana in the recording. Ilian also recorded it in a conversation with her mother: “Mom, it will hurt him the most if I give the child … I love him very much, but he has not done anything for this child, he does not deserve the child. Let the state take it. Yes, he made him tie me up, so I could stand like a dog and look at a point. Juliana launches another idea in the recordings – she will pay someone who can’t have children and really wants to watch theirs. “I will give birth to something else in 4-5 years. I am young and beautiful. And the mother is of my opinion – you deserve the worst, and the worst is to take the child, “said Juliana.These words of hers caused a mass shock. There are those who think that the recordings have been manipulated or apologize to Juliana for being provoked to say those words. Undoubtedly, after uploading the scandalous records on the Internet, Ilian gathered a lot of allies in the upcoming battle for his son’s rights. People feel sorry for him, seeing him as a victim in the whole saga, and wish him courage to cope in the coming battle.Juliana didn’t stay unanswered for long. The silicone model hurried to explain that the social network is not the place to decide who is right and who is wrong. “That’s why, in the end, there are institutions. Regarding the record – yes, I’m too emotional and anyone who has watched “VIP Brother” knows, which certainly does not excuse me. But unfortunately the record was cut and Ilian uploaded what he judged. And what’s more, let’s not forget that he knew he was recording and, of course, that when he lost his temper and spoke to me in some way, he wasn’t in the recordings themselves. The court is the only institution that will decide who is right and who is wrong. Until then, if Ilian thinks there should be a war … “, said Juliana on Instagram, where she uploaded a video with her mother.Her mother confidently began her plea, helping herself only occasionally by looking at sheets of paper. She portrayed Ilian as a liar, a thief, a blackmailer. His motto was: Help me, help me. If you don’t help me, there will be a scandal and then a fight. “My daughter is deprived of everything because of him and the child. Holidays, hotels are from her ads that he uses. She walks with an old phone, and for him there is a new phone plus a laptop. He robbed her of everything, she walked with nothing in her. He even took the keys to her own home. He took her last money, “said Juliana’s mother. He also mentioned a dispute over Ilian’s tea. As is known, he has a gym in his hometown of Montana, and his business activities include the sale of teas and a detox book. Juliana refused to advertise the tea, finding out how it was made, her mother explained, and Ilian began blackmailing her with the child.For the finale, the iron trump card was left – forensic that her daughter was beaten. There was another one in Varna. Juliana’s mother showed the document. “On June 30, 2021. at about 10.30 am in her home in Plovdiv she was squeezed by the neck, shoulders and abdomen, she was pushed and bitten by a person she knew, ”the document reads. The following is a list of objective data. In conclusion, hemorrhages in the neck and chest and abrasion of the second finger of the left hand were found.“I love my child and I have never given up and I will not give up on him! Sometimes a person says everything, but the mother’s heart is connected to that of the child and there is no power to separate us! I am constantly looking for David, I call and go around all the institutions, let them decide who is right and who is wrong! ”, Said Juliana a few days ago.Ilian promised to present all the records in court. Yes, however, Julina shared a response from a lawyer who assured her that recordings of telephone conversations made by a private individual were not evidence in court. Ilian still promised to distribute more recordings. The reason he shared what is already known is to defend himself and direct law enforcement if something happens to him: “It may not sound serious, but I do not want it to turn out that institutions, people and groups can they hurt me. I have been threatened with this too many times! ” He passed on all the evidence of what was happening to him to several people for months. If anything happens to him, all the people involved with Juliana Ghani and her actions over the last six months will be listed. Ilian also touched on the excuse that she was affected when she uttered the words that outraged everyone. It is easy to say that she was affected, Ilian believes, but he had hundreds of similar situations and evidence. And he promised that in time it will be seen that this is not an affect, but a permanent behavior towards him. “There is a higher court than the civil one! God is watching us! He knows everything and I am clean in front of him “, said the fitness instructor.With his recent appearances, he definitely won sympathy, but this week Juliana again tipped the scales of public support in her favor. Through tears in her eyes, the model asked for help. In a video address to her followers, Julka reiterated that “when one is angry, one can say anything.” But which mother would not look for her child? She asked the rhetorical question. She went to Montana twice, but received no assistance from Ilian. He didn’t even want to show her the child. Julka signaled to the prosecutor’s office that she wanted the boy, that the son was small and needed his mother. She also tried the police. Nothing again. These were their everyday problems and they had to solve them among themselves.“My life goes like this every day: lawyers, courts, prosecutors and Ilian’s pleas. It allows me to see my child only on camera. I haven’t seen him physically for I don’t know how long – 18 days. Please tell me how to act when the institutions are powerless! I’ve been to Montana, but the child is hiding and Ilian doesn’t want to give it to me. What can I do? Should I fight him? Should I push his house? What should I do? No way, you know? Until the court determines … It’s a bad chance the child stayed there. It’s just that I have no choice and as a mother I don’t know what to do. I pray to him every day and I ask him every day if the child needs anything, ”said Julkata through tears and a shaky voice, as if her throat had tightened. “I can’t see my child. A scandal between me and Ilian is one thing, but the relationship between mother and son is another, “said Juliana Ghani.


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