Nadja Pessoa reveals abusive relationship with D’Black: "he had psychopathy"

Nadja Pessoa detailed her abusive relationship with her ex-husband, D’Black, revealing a toxic relationship ended up triggering his depression, in a conversation with Juju Salimeni.

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The ex-peasant explained about the traumatic romance lived with the singer: “Before joining Power (Couple) I was already in depression. I had gone to three psychologists and all three said I was depressed, including the psychologist at the This was before the first reality show, because of the abusive relationship I suffered.”

“He was trying to make me guilty of everything,” she said. The former participant of Ilha Record also assured that she discovered several betrayals of the ex. “He betrayed me and every betrayal I discovered had a reason. And it was always my fault. Then I forgave and forgave and that left me with very low self-esteem. it messes with the body, with the psychological, it messes with everything. So I’ve already entered Power completely badly”.

Nadja also said that her explosive behavior on the reality show was a consequence of her health and that her depression improved after the breakup: “I was cured when there was a separation. I suffered. I went to therapy with a sexologist, because I had lost sexual desire. for him, because of depression, which brings this. The medicines I was taking also did that. And he said all the time: ‘your fault’. A very big responsibility on top of me. And we did couples therapy with sexologist to understand what was happening”.

Trying to recover the relationship, she claims that things got worse during his participation in Dancing Brasil, a period in which he cheated on her with his partner in the competition: “He went to Dancing Brasil, had an affair with the ballerina and that ended with me. I caught conversations on his cell phone. He talking bad about me. She saying: ‘wow, how can you stay married to her?’ Him saying: ‘only for now'”. The actress even reveals that he allegedly suffers from psychopathy. “Along with couples therapy, I had my psychiatrist who took care of me. And a month before we broke up, she told me that I was ready to hear what she had to tell me about my relationship.”

“And she told me he had a psychopathy.” She said she got worse because of the betrayal. “We were pretty good, you know? I had worked on forgiveness, I went to church, I forgave, we were recovering our relationship. depression. I was in a terrible depression, I couldn’t get out of bed. That was after the Farm”. When D’Black won Dancing Brasil, she tells how she was treated by the singer. “The night he won, we arrived at the apartment and he said to me: ‘now I’m a millionaire, I don’t need you anymore’.”

“I never forget that. It’s worse than hitting. He wanted to end it, I tried to hold on to the relationship, that family thing. We came to live in São Paulo, the woman was from Rio. She left Rio and came to live in São Paulo We had been living in São Paulo for about four months, when he told me: ‘I’m going down the street, I’ll be back soon. Do you want something from the street?’. I said no and lay down to sleep. never came back”, recalled Nadja, who was left with nothing. “Took my laptop, swiped all the money from our account. Took it all.”

She added, adding: “He left me with nothing. I called him and he told me he was already at Dutra, going to his mother’s house and told me to talk to the lawyer because he had nothing else to talk to me about. call me. I was in a state of shock, I didn’t speak to the lawyer, I didn’t say anything. I isolated myself and he went to the internet, he posted a video saying that it was over.”

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