Nacho’s "Big Brother 2022" he was alone in the house during the last dinner of nominees: what did he do

The last elimination gala of “Big Brother 2022”, and the followers of the reality show teleph they already have the candidate to leave the program. In that sense, Nacho He is the only one who has a foot inside the Grand finalebecause it became the new leader of the week. Such is so during the nominees dinner he was the first player to have the whole house to himself for hours.

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This was Nacho’s first moments alone from “Big Brother 2022”!

It turns out that Camila, Julieta, Marcos and Romina they had the classic Saturday night of nominees. Therefore, the blonde of who circulated an unpublished video with his mother in the last hourshe was left alone having as only company Delmora and Candythe pets of the house.

“Oh, thank you. A little louder, please”expressed chestnut groves to the voice of “GH”, who had the gesture of putting on the music that the participant likes and usually listens to outside of reality. That was how the first song to sound through the speakers was that of duki.

Nacho’s lonely dinner from “Big Brother 2022”. Photo: Capture from Pluto TV.

Then, he sat down at the table to eat the Neapolitan Milanese with puree that he prepared. “Apa, Thiago beat me”he said when he heard the next song that was played, in the same style as the previous one, about a talk he had with his little brother, with whom he had a friendship and was shipped as a house couple.

After dinner alone, Nacho of ” Big Brother” She took advantage of the moment to go out into the garden to sing and dance with Caramelo, and even enjoyed a dessert. “I missed you. It was really ugly. Don’t leave anymore”he confessed to the participants who returned from dinner when they received them with a hug in the patio.

The nominee dinner for Camila, Julieta, Romina and Marcos from “Big Brother 2022”.

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