Nacho and the Torah "Big Brother 2022"one step away from giving consent

Since his return to the house of Big Brother 2022″, Lucilla “the Torah” approached Nacho. The little sister hit the vibes with the last of “los Little Monkeys” since the start of the reality show, but the romance fell short with the elimination of the blonde. Back by vote of the people, the Torah wastes no time.

Nacho and the Big Brother Torah, close to consent!

Nacho from Big Brother has many loves inside the house: the networks exploded to the cry of “nachiago” after the two participants they finally shared a kiss on New Yearsand after removing Lucilla, the blonde approached Juliet.

However, the heart of the man from Madrid seems to have chosen: Nacho and Tora were caught by the cameras exchanging heated kisses in one of the beds of the most famous house in the country. The couple is shown together inside the house, but they have not yet taken the next step.

While a part of the public celebrates the romance of the two participants, others remember the words of the Torah before entering the house about the game he promised the public before returning to the competition in the playoffs.

Nacho and Tora, inseparable since the repechage.

“Obviously, I am going to play with the people who did not play very well with me. But without leaving aside, the type not to greet, in coexistence. Company, coexistence, good vibes. But, as they did to me… From behind… To plate!declared the Torah. Is Nacho in danger?

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