Nacca (Les Marseillais) and Eloïse definitively separated? He gives the answer

Nacca separated from Eloise? He threw it all aside and settled accounts with her on Snapchat. A few days ago, the tone rose between the lovebirds, who tore each other on social networks. The young woman initially blamed her darling for his lack of attention to her, which angered him. After this argument, the couple was very discreet before returning. So did they end their love affair or did they overcome this ordeal? On November 15, 2021, the reality TV candidate gave the answer by answering questions from internet users on his Instagram account.

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Nacca’s Instagram Story – Credit (s): Instagram @anthonacca

“Yes, we managed to overcome this little downside” started by writing Nacca. “As in all real couples, there are ups and downs but as long as there is love everything is surmountable !!! Sometimes with nervousness, or when we are impulsive, we are led to do or say things that you don’t necessarily want to do but the importance of realizing your mistakes, learning from your mistakes and raising the bar to move forward as best you can! that we did” he added.

In The Holidays of Angels 4 already, Nacca and Eloise had taken the lead several times. Both have a strong temperament and sometimes it happens that it sparks. Fortunately, it never lasts very long … Otherwise, in the rest of the celebrity news, Kevin Guedj revealed if he was cold with Nacca because of the show La Mif.

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