Nabilla: we finally know his salary and it is that of a "good Ligue 1 footballer" !

Some parts of Nabilla’s life have been highlighted for several days by Ie Parisian. The daily took an interest in the 30-year-old influencer through a series of five articles (which will return to her tumultuous love affair with her husband or her eventful youth, editor’s note) entitled Nabilla, the secret story.

In an article recently unveiled by our colleagues, we learn that the young woman shared her juicy salary with a journalist from Releaseduring the promotion of the series, “Nabilla without filter” on Premium Video. Thomas Vergara’s wife confided in earning the salary of a good Ligue 1 footballer, a player from Olympique de Marseille: “Understand: 300,000 to 400,000 euros per month”, could we read. According to Nathalie Nadaud Albertini, a sociologist specializing in reality TV, Milann’s mother “let the public speculate on his remuneration”. “She embodies the ideal she has set for herself, even if it means embellishing reality”.

Moreover, the future animator of Cosmic Love confirmed to be a millionaire in the columns of the Parisian. “Yes, I am a millionaire. Before, we had nothing with Thomas. I see money as a freedom. If I want to go to China, I go to China. If I want to buy a house, I buy a house”.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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