Nabilla: trip from Dubai with her sons and her husband? The real reason behind his express departure from the emirate!

Ah… Dubai! Its climate, its shopping, its beach, its modernity… and its tax system! Land of asylum for influencers for many years eager to make the most of
with a more than comfortable lifestyle, the emirate has long been delighted to welcome these new inhabitants. And it is indeed in this idyllic setting that the small Vergara family had settled, regularly visiting, via the networks, the living rooms of their sumptuous villa. Nabilla never hid her joy in discovering how perfect her happiness was in the shade of her distant coconut trees… However, the beautiful climate suddenly spoiled! Why did they decide so suddenly to move?

According to The Parisian, there would be two versions … Officially, on the side of Nabilla, the family would need renewal, a change of air and horizons. But, more surely, the unofficial reason would be that the emirate of Dubai, tired of these “hordes of influencers who have washed up on its shores, do not intend to renew their visa”. Exit the stars ofinstagram and of TikTok ! And the party is over!

Surely upset, Nabilla preferred to declare that she dreamed of living in the kingdom of cinema and cult actors … in Los Angeles! A real star’s dream, she who has already had the whims of it since
his enormous and recent contract signed with the giant Amazon…

Installed in this mythical City of Angels, she will surely be able to think again of her television debut, since she too began her great adventure by being a little “Angel”.

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