Nabilla: Nicky Minaj’s ex, rapper Meek Mill, steals her luxury bag on vacation!

After spending Christmas with the family in Dubai, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara flew to another destination. It is in love that the two lovebirds have made the decision to celebrate the New Year in Saint-Barthélemy. An opportunity to meet, but also to relax. Between days at the beach and evenings in a nightclub, the influencer had a blast during her stay on the pearl of the Caribbean. But if the mother of Milann and Leyann spent a dream vacation on the other side of the world, the latter was also the victim of a mishap. While she was enjoying a shopping spree in the streets of Saint-Barth, her bag mysteriously disappeared. Taken aback by the distress of the businesswoman, a fan filmed the whole scene.

“I got n…”

After spending an astronomical sum in a Gucci store, Nabilla Vergara realized that her business had vanished. In the images posted on TikTok, we can hear Thomas’ wife getting angry. “I don’t even have my bag. You’re not serious anyway, frankly, “ she says to the store manager. And to continue: “Tell them they’ll pay me back then, go ahead!” Refund me for my items. I don’t want to call the police. Here, I was screwed, the life of my mother”.

Fortunately, the star’s worries ended up being sorted out since rapper Meek Mill, present at the same time in the shop, turned around to return Nabilla’s business. The latter had indeed left unconsciously with the bags of the former reality TV candidate. A relief for the founder of Nabilla Beauty.


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