Nabilla imprisoned after the knife affair, she returns to this drama that has turned everything upside down

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Nabilla ready to become a mother for the second time? She made some big revelations while promoting her docu-reality, Nabilla without filter. On November 26, 2021, it is on Amazon Prime Video that the public will be able to learn more about his professional life, his marriage, his family but also the prison box. Indeed, in November 2014, the knife case marked the news when the young woman injured her companion Thomas Vergara in the chest. Incarnated for more than a month before being released under judicial supervision, she was then sentenced in May 2016 to two years in prison, including six months closed, but was able to benefit from a modification of the sentence and thus not return behind the bars. A drama that changed her life and on which she agreed to indulge …

“Everyone around us was like, ‘Are you going to talk about this again? Are you sure?’ We said to ourselves that if we didn’t talk about it, we were big mythos “ explained Nabilla to our colleagues from 20 Minutes. “Because it is something that happened. Not to talk about it, it would be not to assume it while we, it is amply taken on. It is part of our history. If people do not know this facet of us, they will never be able to understand us “ she added. In addition to strengthening her love for her son’s father, this ordeal enabled her to become another woman.. “It freed me from the character I had created and which took up a lot of space. I didn’t know how to get out of it, I was caught in a spiral” said Milann’s mother.

If we invented the deprivation of liberty, it is not for nothing

Then at Current wife, Nabilla, who made a point to have been criticized because of these photos, said : “If we invented the deprivation of liberty, it is not for nothing. It is to encourage people to question themselves and reflect. The system is not so badly made! You go through a box and you lose everything. If you think about it, you have a second chance and a possibility to rebuild everything but for the better. I knew how to seize this chance. And yes, it is true, in my opinion, it all started from there . It allowed me to evolve, to find the real problem, what was wrong with my life “.

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