Mystery about ‘Natholdet’s future: Anders Breinholt sends cryptic message in final show

Anders Breinholt has had his last working day as host of ‘Natholdet’. What now?

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After 11 years and 1,005 broadcasts, the 49-year-old TV host has said stop, but he has not yet announced what the future will bring.

In the last ‘Natholdet’ broadcast, which is broadcast on Thursday, Anders Breinholt has several different guests in the studio, including his old friend and radio partner Anders Lund Madsen, who directly asks what should happen now.

“First I have to relax a bit, and then I have to come up with something new,” says Anders Breinholt.

Anders Breinholt.

Anders Breinholt.
Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen

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Anders Lund Madsen asks if he is not at all sad that it is over.

“No not at all. I can get a little sad, because it has been great to do, but I have known it for a year, “says Anders Breinholt.

When the news of Anders Breinholt’s stop in ‘Natholdet’ was published in September, Anders Breinholt told TV 2 that he would be filled with pride if another host had the courage to continue the program. He did not want to name names, but simply added:

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“As I say in the season’s first episode of ‘The Night Team’: Stay tuned for more news.”

Now the season is over and there has not yet been ‘more news’.

When Anders Breinholt thanks viewers, guests and partners at the end of the season, he simply says that he has been asked to read the following from TV 2’s legal department:

“What will happen to the ‘Night Team’ in the future, time will tell.”

He adds:

“And that’s not even a lie.”

BT has tried to get an in-depth comment from Anders Breinholt and CEO of his production company Pineapple Entertainment Ole Rahbek, who produces ‘Natholdet’, but it has not yet been possible.

TV 2 editor for ‘Natholdet’ Jes Schrøder also holds the cards close to his body.

In an email, he simply advertises’ Natholdet’s upcoming Christmas calendar, where Anders Breinholt, Søren Rasted and beer expert Carten Berthelsen faithfully drink their way through 24 beers and then adds:

“What the future of ‘Natholdet’ will be without Anders Breinholt, we would like to wait to unveil until Anders has danced the Christmas dance.”

Anders Breinholt has in an Instagram post written ’11 years and that’s a wrap. See you on the other side’.

In the comments field, it flows in with greetings from a large number of celebrities, just as actress Anne Louise Hassing reveals on her profile that after the filming, a closing party was held at the Copenhagen nightclub Søpavillonen.

BT has previously conducted a reader poll on which of ‘Natholdet’s former guest hosts and other possible candidates would be preferred as a replacement for Anders Breinholt if TV 2 chooses to continue the program.

Over 35,000 voted, and here the choice fell on TV host and comedian Melvin Kakooza with Nikolaj Stokholm as second choice and Huxi Bach in third place.

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