Mysterious hepatitis that affects children: the ECDC lists 232 cases in acute form, including 12 in Belgium

As of Friday, May 13, in fourteen countries of the European Economic Area, 232 cases have been reported, including 229 probable and three epidemiologically linked, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said on its website on Friday.

Besides Belgium (12), there have been cases in Cyprus (2), Denmark (6), Greece (2), Ireland (6), Italy (24), the Netherlands (6) , Norway (5), Poland (1), Serbia (1), Slovenia (1), Spain (26), Sweden (9) and the United Kingdom (131).

The cause of acute liver disease in children is still unknown. ECDC is working closely with affected countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other stakeholders to investigate the etiology of the clinical syndrome. The potential culprit is primarily an adenovirus.

“The disease is rare and evidence of human-to-human transmission remains unclear. Cases in the EU/EEA are almost entirely sporadic. Therefore, the risk to the European pediatric population cannot be accurately assessed,” the ECDC states.

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