Mynářová stopped the business! He denies borrowing from Babišová

Monika Babišová (48) and the wife of the current chancellor Vratislav Mynář, Alex (39), undoubtedly belong to the ladies with a special charm that can impress even with the right choice of clothes. Recently, both presented themselves in a similar blouse, and the diggers immediately wondered if the “girls” were borrowing clothes from each other.

Both of them brought out a pink blouse with a distinctive bow in a short period of time. But they don’t buy from the same designer. Shirt Alex comes from the collection of the own brand »Alex by Gianni«, which is currently discontinued due to the lack of time of the beautiful brunette.

“It’s just a coincidence, so I had to set it straight so it doesn’t look like you’re Monika Babišová we rent blouses. This cut and color is great, Monika and I are each different types, but it fits us both. I think it will suit almost everyone.” Mynářová commented amusedly when asked by the editors of ŽivotvČesku, whose question was directed precisely at whether the two ladies happen to share the same wardrobe.

Producer František Janeček with a charming entourage. But she is married!

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