Mylène Farmer : "Asking for assistance at my end of life is what I would wish for myself"

On the occasion of the release of his new album Right of way, Mylène Farmer confided in the Journal du Dimanche (JDD). During this interview, she spoke about the end of life, a subject that has affected her for “a very long time”.

“I have been sensitive to this subject for a very long time. […] To ask that we assist my end of life is what I would wish for me”, assured the French-Canadian singer. Before adding: “Hard not to be flabbergasted by this period when we are witnessing the end of ‘one world… It creates a great void and mental chaos. A new world is emerging […] I refuse to project myself, it is a source of anxiety for me. The present remains my refuge.

A shocking encounter

In this interview, the artist returned to his moving meeting with Marie de Hennezel, a psychologist, known for her commitment to improving end-of-life conditions: “A few years ago, I met Marie de Hennezel , an incredible woman devoted to these people who need so much to be supported and accompanied”. Marie de Hennezel had worked in the first palliative care unit created in France at the international hospital of the University of Paris. This is not the first time that the singer has spoken about the end of life, she had already done so in 1989 with her song last smile.

In the columns of the JDD, Mylène Farmer proclaimed her love for “simple people”: “Doctors, surgeons who save lives, glassblowers, simple people who put their heart into their work”.

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