MYH Indore Black fungus patients reduced in MYH 44 patients admitted

Indore, Naidunia Representative, MYH Indore. The number of black fungus infected in Indore is now decreasing continuously. On Thursday, three patients from Maharaja Yashwantrao (MY) Hospital returned to their homes after recovering. In such a situation, now only 44 patients are admitted in MYH for the treatment of this disease. In this way, 676 patients have gone to their homes after recovering from MYH. Earlier in MYH, where more than one hundred and fifty patients were admitted, now the number of patients here has come to around 40.

For the last two-three days, only a few patients of black fungus were admitted to the hospital. On Thursday also, only one patient of black fungus was admitted to the hospital. On Thursday, one patient with black fungus underwent surgery at MYH and six patients had endoscopy. So far 949 patients have undergone surgery and 1542 endoscopy has been done in MYH. So far 62 patients have died due to black fungus in MYH. At present 398 Anti Fungal Injections are available for the patients being treated in the hospital. It is expected that by the end of this month, the number of black fungus admitted patients in MYH will be less than 30.

For the last two months, due to less number of Kovid infected being found in the city, the number of black fungus patients is also showing a decrease. Earlier, where patients were also admitted for treatment in MYH from nearby cities, now their number has also come down. Now only a few patients are being admitted to the hospital. This includes patients coming for follow-up.

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