"My patience is at the end": Now Melanie Müller’s husband is reacting

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“My patience is at the end”
Melanie Müller’s husband is now reacting

Paparazzi photograph Melanie Müller with a man by her side who is not her husband. In some photos the two even kiss. Rumors of a tangible marriage crisis for the ex-jungle queen are making the rounds. Now her husband speaks up.

Even during Melanie Müller’s participation in the Sat.1 show “Celebrity Big Brother” it became clear that her marriage to Mike Blümer was in crisis. There was even a conversation between the two of them in front of the cameras, which left no doubt about it. Photos now appeared showing the 33-year-old in intimate situations with another man, which further fueled the rumors of an end to the marriage. Now Blümmer is expressing himself for the first time.

The 54-year-old reported his status on WhatsApp, as reported by the “Bild” newspaper. There he shared a quote that is arguably quite clear. “I’m not the person who leaves immediately. But I have no understanding if someone disappoints me again and again,” it was written there accordingly. Although he did not mention any names, it seems reasonable to assume that he was referring to Melanie Müller and the most recent events.

Reconciliation is out of the question

“Bild” asked Blümer, as it goes on, and he confirmed what many had already suspected: “After this action, there is definitely no more us for me. My patience is at the end,” the paper quotes him. “The only thing that connects us are our children, and we have to find the best possible solution for that.” The couple will no longer be reconciled.

Melanie Müller and Mike Blümer have been married since 2014 and have two children together. According to Müller’s statements on TV regarding a marriage crisis, the couple actually wanted to try again together. Just a few days ago, Blümer made a declaration of love for his wife on the wedding day with a photo from previous days. His disappointment with the paparazzi pictures is likely to have been correspondingly great.

According to RTL information, the man with whom the Ballermann singer can be seen there is the Leipzig businessman Uwe Düppen. The 60-year-old is therefore a trained optician, once owned a bar called “Optiker” and recently ran a restaurant. Düppen, Müller and Blümer are said to have known each other for a long time.

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