My name is 2022: Ana Gabriel is eliminated from the competition.

Lau Chan

Incredible! Yo Me Llamo’s 4th show left many lessons for each participant. Look at everything that happened. So much so that the best of the previous gala returned to maintain good scores.

Starting the night, Lady Gaga, somewhat disappointed backstage, stated that she does not know why the Panamanian public does not support her since she is one of the artists who make the most effort on the stage of dreams. In this show she was no exception.

Often, Ana Gabriel did not give her best presentation, even the jurors told her that she felt very tense, and the participant admitted that her presentation was disappointing.

Rolando Laserie did not dazzle as in previous galas but they did highlight his mischievousness and sympathy that overflows when singing.

Selena Quintanilla had very harsh criticism from Ingrid and One Two such as: “You were Selena in everything except the voice” and “The stage of dreams is too big for you”.

The one who came out to continue shining was Gloria Estefan, who surprisingly shows that she has everything to be a finalist at gala after gala.

But, without a doubt, the public’s favorite, Leonardo Favio literally fell in love with the jury and everyone at home, receiving once again the highest rating of the 4th jury and of the night.

And, to close with a flourish was Tommy Real, who had a technical problem that he knew how to face like the great artist that he is, his presentation earned him standing applause from the jury table.

Unfortunately, one had to be eliminated and in this show it was Ana Gabriel’s turn.

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