“My home, my destiny”, “Tierra amarga” and other soap operas by Ibrahim Celikkol

What soap operas did you work on? Ibrahim Celikkol? The Turkish heartthrob from “Tierra amarga” and “Mi casa, mi destiny” is one of the most popular on television not only in his country but also internationally. The celebrity has had a very celebrated career, but not all viewers know about his other projects in addition to those that gave him world fame.

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He too model He just turned 40 on February 15. was born on Izmit, Kocaeli, in 1982. In addition to posing on stage, he was also one of the promises of basketball in his homeland.

He played in the youth league but everything changed when he started to get close to Osman Sinav, a film director who would later make him appear on television as “Pars Narcoter” in the role of the captain Shamil Baturay.

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In this way, Celikkol debuted on the small screen in 2008 and his career was on the rise with productions such as “M.A.T.“, “Sharp knife”, “Montenegro”, among other fictions. Here we tell you more about his work in the turkish soap operas.

The Turkish actor in a photograph for his social networks. (Photo: İbrahim Çelikkol / Instagram)


5. “Chastity”

In this TV series, appeared in 2011, Ibrahim Celikkol interprets Jamil, a young taxi driver who maintains a hidden relationship with Iffet, a young woman who dreams of reaching the altar with him. However, at the wedding of some mutual friends, the protagonist sexually outrages the woman.

4. “Compassion”

Meanwhile in “Mercy”, Celikkol plays the boyfriend of River, with whom he returns to Istanbul without knowing that, in that city, he would meet again Too, his first great love. The Turkish novel premiered in 2013 and had 44 episodes in two seasons.

3. “Kus Uçusu”

In 2021, the Turkish heartthrob entered another challenge, but this time to Netflix, with “Kus Uçusu”, which in Spanish can be translated to “bird flight”. In this story, Celikkol is the protagonist along with Birce Akalay. Both try to stand out within a television channel in conflict between two generations.

2. “My home, my destiny”

In this 2019 soap opera, Ibrahim Celikkol da vida to Mahdi, a humble mechanic who has no interest in getting married or starting a family until he runs into Zeynep, a young woman adopted by a wealthy family who was already engaged. Their stories will change forever. However, the character of the actor was suddenly withdrawn in the opinion of viewers.

1. “Bitter land”

Finally, “Tierra amarga” has become one of the last roles that Celikkol has had on television and one of the ones that has given him the most international fame. in the history of Züleyha, Demir y Yilmaz, the celebrity has played the role of Hakan Gumusoglu, who appeared to turn Cukurova.


İbrahim Çelikkol y Mihre Mutlu they are isolated at home after the second gave positive to COVID-19. The architect told in her official account of Instagram of the results and discomforts he has been suffering from the virus. Said “no one should be afraid” for your status. He further noted that is not vaccinated due to various unfortunate events.

Yesterday was a bit difficult. No medication has been good for my pain. I got coronavirus for the second time in 4.5 months. I had a very difficult first time. I cried so much yesterday. They made me a serum, and after taking it, I sweated 10 times a night and changed my clothes. I’m much, much better now. I don’t have any pain yet, thank God. There is only weakness…”, placed in one of the stories of the social network.

Mutlu explained that, when he wanted to get vaccinated in August 2021, got COVID-19. Then he tried again but he got a cold. She waited for her discomfort to pass and, while she made the arrangements, she made an appointment and the doctors informed her that she was infected with the dangerous virus. Ibrahim Celikkol, for its part, has not commented on the matter.


CelikkoL marriage with Happy in 2017, at a wedding that surprised many. The couple got engaged in April 2017. The actor went to Mutlu’s hometown of Samsun and inquired about her from her family according to traditions and customs, and they wore their rings. They were so happy that married a month later, the May 25, 2017without waiting too long.

The young couple had a dream wedding and everyone could see it because İbrahim Çelikkol shared photos on his Instagram account. The romantic ceremony took place in Datea, Turkey, with white robes and flower crowns on their heads.

The actor said he was deeply in love and that the marriage had many positive effects on his own life. In 2019, she announced the arrival of her baby, Ali, who was born on December 6 of that year.

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