My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, the review of the new film inspired by the famous anime

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, una scena del film

My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia in Japan) is a rather traditional shonen manga in structure and narrative, which recalls the typical Japanese productions for teenagers, but the intuition of its author, Kōhei Horikoshi, was to be strongly inspired by the American superhero comics. This approach has given him visibility and success that have translated into gadgets, video games, animated series and, inevitably, films for the big screen. Although we have been spared the live action adaptations that are so popular recently, My Hero Academia is now in its third animated feature, which Dynit and Nexo Digital will bring to our theaters over the weekend between 18 and 21 November. For the uninitiated, My Hero Academia tells the misadventures of students who attend high school Yuhei, a school where new generations of superheroes are formed. In the world of Horikoshi, in fact, most of the world population has a Quirk, that is an extraordinary talent that some put at the service of good, becoming Heroes, and others instead exploit for their shady purposes, calling themselves Villain. The protagonist is called Izuku instead, called Deku, and is a boy who was born without powers: following a series of circumstances, Deku obtains one of the most powerful Quirks in the world, thus entering a collision course with a band of dangerous super criminals. As we will find out in this one My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission review, the film, which was released in Japanese cinemas last August, is a “stand alone” film, or almost.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission 6

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My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, un momento del film anime

In fact, it is not inspired by any episode in particular of the anime, which has been on the air since 2016 and in Italy has reached the fourth of the five seasons currently available, and therefore is a kind of self-contained filler: a story, that is, that does not influence neither manga nor anime and that exists in a kind of film bubble of its own. Fans of the last hour, however, could risk some anticipation: the film takes place in fact during the second half of the fifth season, which is still unpublished in Italy, while the publication of the manga has exceeded that narrative arc for a long time.

The plot in a nutshell

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission 1

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, an image from the animated film

The new film begins with a mission involving the most experienced heroes from around the world when the Humarise sect, led by the mysterious Flect Turn, threatens to spread a substance called Trigger in the most populated capitals of the planet. Humarise sees the Quirk as a potential threat to the stability of the world and wants to eradicate it with a substance that kills anyone who owns it. Izuku and his schoolmates Bakugo and Shoto, who are doing their internship at the Endeavor agency at this point in the story, join the mission and follow their boss to the fictional European city of Otheon to investigate Humarise. A series of unfortunate misunderstandings will force Deku to flee along with a new character, the gold-hearted swindler Rody Soul, as Humarise’s hitmen hunt down both.

Everything you need to know about My Hero Academia

Problems from anime

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission 2

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, an image from the film

The plot of World Heroes’ Mission is a triumph of clichés, and it is a shame because the beginning of the film is very promising, but then the script defies the expectations of the viewer in the remaining acts in which we can ideally divide the film. It is clear that a My Hero Academia film is aimed primarily at fans of the manga and anime, who certainly do not expect a level of writing significantly higher than that of an average shonen, but an event like a feature film should also be an opportunity to get out of the way a little and experiment with new paths. World Heroes’ Mission in a way it does, but the wrong way around.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission 1 Lkc6Eg6

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, an image from the anime film

The series of Kohei Horikoshi it mainly focuses on the character of Deku Midoriya, but the author manages to maintain an extremely choral approach that gives an important space also to the supporting characters of the protagonist and even to his antagonists. In the new film, however, exactly the opposite happens: much of the film focuses on Deku and Rody Soul, characterizing the latter well but sacrificing the other heroes and villains. And although the third act involves much more Bakugo and Shoto, there is no growth for these two characters, protagonists of spectacular fights and little more, but not even for the villains they face.

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My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission 2 Utpluna

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, un momento del film

The film tries to better outline the character of Flect Turn, but it does it clumsily with a sort of explanation in the final act, so that the viewer struggles to get in tune with the villain and to develop a sincere transport, positive or negative towards him. Flect Turn then becomes just an end-level boss like in a video game, and it’s a shame because the two previous feature films were able to characterize Deku’s antagonists much better, fueling greater emotional participation on the part of the viewer.

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission 4 Sb7Ubqj

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, una scena del film anime

It is worth pointing out that My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is also the only film in which no Villain from the original series appears: there are no Shigaraki and all his gang, and this in some ways is good because their absence guarantees greater creative freedom to screenwriters. On the other hand, it is clear that this script was produced before the author made some recent decisions in the manga, illustrating for example a very powerful Western heroine that in the film it would have made sense to show along with the roundup of old and new heroes, and that instead it does not appear in the least.

An excellent technical test

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission 4

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, a sequence

Put that way it would almost seem like World Heroes’ Mission is a bad movie, but that’s not true at all. It is quite obvious on the narrative profile, but despite this it entertains for its hour and a half of duration every fan of My Hero Academia who would like to see his favorites get busy on the big screen with an over the top budget. And in this sense, the new feature film from the Bones studio keeps every promise. Far superior to previous films – My Hero Academia the Movie: Two Heroes and My Hero Academia. The Movie 2. Heroes: Rising – the new film sports extraordinarily smooth animations, crystal clear and sharp image definition, and very little CGI.

The names behind the film are for good or bad the same as ever – Kenji Nagasaki directing, Yosuke Kuroda on screenplay, Yuki Hayashi on great music – but you want the highest budget, you want the will to try something new after two feature films and five television seasons, there’s something about World Heroes’ Mission that elevates it above. previous productions. Hayashi, for example, experiments with new musical solutions, keeping the main theme of the series for the climax which thus becomes much more epic and engaging, while Kuroda focuses the entire second act on the meeting / clash between Deku and Rody almost as if it were a buddy movie. .

My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission 3 Ud4Cp1U

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, un’immagine

If it is true that Kuroda makes some nasty slips with implausible tricks that only serve to force the story towards the next act, Nagasaki manages to enhance the same material with a truly excellent direction, especially in the action scenes. The whole chase in the first act, the best of the film, is a spectacular succession of shots and shots that at times seem to even mention Spider-Man: A New Universe when Deku uses his Blackwhip power to move in mid-air like the Spiderman. Fortunately, the direction maintains the same quality until the end, embellishing a film that expires a little during the screening but which at least technically does not make you regret the ticket price.


This review of My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes’ Mission may seem overly critical to you, but the truth is that all in all we enjoyed seeing our heroes on the big screen for the third time. However, we would have preferred a script at the height of the excellent direction and splendid animations, however two more than valid reasons why a fan of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga / anime should catapult himself to the cinema also on this occasion.

Because we like it

  • The direction and the animations of the highest quality.
  • The character of Rody Soul.

What’s wrong

  • The predictable plot that sets aside so many characters.
  • The poorly characterized and forgettable villains.

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