My Friend Arnold: A channel entirely dedicated to the iconic series arrives on Pluto TV

From January 6, a special channel dedicated to one of the most iconic TV series of recent years will be available on Pluto TV: My Friend Arnold.

My Friend Arnoldone of the most iconic and beloved TV series of recent years, just got a dedicated special channel on Pluto TV, Paramount’s completely free FAST digital service. From January 6, those nostalgic for the 80s will be able to relive the hilarious adventures of Arnold Jackson and his brother Willis, two African American brothers aged 8 and 13 respectively, who are adopted by the wealthy businessman Philip Drummond.

At first the two boys turn out to be two pests, especially little Arnold, but over time, they learn to trust their stepfather and live incredible and hilarious adventures in the Park Avenue penthouse. With a mix of biting irony and comic situations, over the course of 8 seasons, the series created by Jeff Harris, Bernie Kukoff and Herbert Kenwith made the Italian and international public fall in love with little Arnold and his friends.

The series tells a cross-section of the American social fabric of the time and the meeting point between two profoundly different cultures and lifestyles, becoming over time an iconic show capable of always thrilling us like the first time.

There are also many guest stars and famous characters who appeared during the episodes. Among the most well-known cameos, certainly that of Nancy Reagan, wife of then President Ronald Reagan, who appeared to publicize his campaign against drug abuse, Just Say No. In addition to Reagan, the series saw the participation of other stars the likes of Meadowlark Lemon, Muhammad Ali, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Dorothy Hamill, Mr. T, David Hasselhoff, the KITT car, Hervé Villechaize, Mr. T (Mr. T), the US Olympic Gymnastics Team of 1984 and Lance Parrish.

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